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Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

The water basin skylight, the filtered light through the garden trees, and lightweight curtain of sputter coated metal allows the home owners to enjoy being in the center of a city and enjoy the passing seasons and the ebb and flow of the day without the abrasiveness of the noise of the city.

Four Seasons Residences New York City

Minimal yet still packing a design punch. Clearly every element has been carefully considered to evoke the luxury that the four seasons is known for the world over.

The Mosque of Omayyades

zuedi cocking

Tags architecture, mosque, Omayyades, ritual architecture

I love all forms of architecture. But there is something so beautiful about ritual and spiritual architecture. A great example is the great Mosque of Damascus

Pretty in Pink

zuedi cocking

Tags pink, pretty in pink

Remember whether it's a few small accents or entire rooms pink can be used as a neutral or accent color. You can use muted shades or bright pops of color. Pink can be fun or elegant and everything in between. Be fearless!

What is that Velvet>?!

zuedi cocking

What is That? Velvet?! Posted by DESIGNSBYZUEDI on NOVEMBER 29, 2017 Nothing says warmth and luxury quite like velvet. The smooth texture wants you to slide yourself sensually along the seams. Or maybe that’s just me. Whatever. On a serious note velvet is that fabric that can be considered seasonal but I think in the right color, on the right piece of furniture, velvet is like a perennial. Great all year round! Velvet adds visual as well as tactile interests. Try pairing against a rugged or industrial interior for a dichotomy of experiences. If you are a clutz like me try on smaller pieces...

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